Sunday, April 24, 2011

Meeting Three: Stealth

This week at the WTC was our most topically focused, so far, with the question of stealth on the table. Members discussed both the movement out of pre-transition "stealth" status--coming out as the gender we identify with--and the issue of living stealth during and after transition, keeping our gendered history to ourselves--or not.

While most of us found some variation according context in our decision-making--what we tell our doctors; what we don't tell some guy standing outside the bathroom--the personal emphasis on transgender identity as opposed, simply, to gender identity, varied widely within our group.

Are we trans women, or just women? Are we trans men, or just men? What makes the difference? Does our self-identification change over time, and over the course of social and medical transition?

Our next official meeting will be the second Saturday in May, the 14th; in the meantime, we have a social gathering scheduled for Wednesday, May 4--interested? Contact Susan or Ash for more details.

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