Sunday, May 29, 2011

A great meeting Saturday night! There were only Sarah, Chris, Susan and Melissa there, so a good "girls" only night (sorry guys, you don't come, you don't play). We had a lot of discussion about surgery, and dealing with societies expectations for women versus men, and our own GID community and personal expectations.

I know some people did not come out because Ash's taxi was out of town. I hope we can communicate with each other enough so that no one misses a meeting because of transportation. A good subject for discussion, I think. As facilitators, we're not going to give out our members addresses, but let's see how we can make sure that no one can't get to a support meeting. Support means more than just being at a meeting.

I think every one knows I leave for Philadelphia and SRS Tuesday. Since I don't have a laptop, I won't be talking much for a while. Ash will get updates and pass them on. I think everyone understands that I consider the interuption most important. If the schedule holds, I will be back Monday, June 13, so I will miss the next meeting, Saturday, June 11. Ash will be sending out reminder notices. I assume he will have a full report on his trip to Texas (from his posts, It sounds like it's been a real party time!)

I'll see every one on the other side - I can see it from here!


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