Thursday, September 29, 2011

Trying something new!

Hey, all! So, after some consideration, we've made a group decision to try something a little different with our meeting structure...

At our next closed meeting on October 8, following a brief full-group interaction, we'll be dividing the group into one led by Susan, and one led by me. We've noticed over the course of several weeks that, often, we're moving in disparate directions in terms of conversation focus and style--this will give us some room to explore different topics according to gender identity (MtF/FtM), life experience, and personal interest.

The basic plan, after the large-group meeting, is to move into a men's/transmasculine group and a women's/transfeminine group. At the same time, we recognize that other axes of identity and affiliation--age, relationship status, transition goals, and so on--might affect the group members feel most at home with, over time or on a given night. In the interest of accommodating that--we're going to be pretty flexible about which room folks end up in.

We're also very interested in finding new ways to meet the needs of partners, family members, and transgender youth--we can't be everything to everyone, but if we can offer resources, support, or a way of exchanging contact information, we definitely want to do that! So keep us posted. And--as always--if you'd like to make it to a meeting and haven't been here before, please feel free to contact Susan or me about it. We would love to see you!

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