Friday, October 14, 2011

Are you interested but afraid to talk to anyone about this?
Does this sound like something that may be useful to you if only you could?
Do you have things that may be helpful to other transsexual/gender questioning persons?
It is easy to check us out in person.

1. You need to be transsexual, or trangendered/gender questioning. You may resapond for another person, but we will ask to meet with them.

2. You need to contact Susan or Ash to get more information.

3. When you do, we will schedule a short meeting with you in a public place.

This meeting will be to answer questions and to assure everyone's confidentiality.
Your comfort level is important to us, as is the comfort level of all our current members.
Having a cup of coffee or a coke with one of us does nothing to require you go any further.
This is a hard, hard journey to venture forth alone on. Can we help?

Just e-mail Susan at:, or Ash at:
A phone number is helpful but not required. The only requirement is for you to want it.
Do you?

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